Must-Have Accessories for an Electric Scooter

Even though you can use the scooter as it is, there are several accessories that can make your life easier and safer. Most of these accessories are very affordable and you can find them at our authorized dealer shops.

The beauty of an electric scooter is that it doesn’t need a lot of bells and whistles to work. It gets you from point A to point B with minimum inconveniences. Being so lightweight, you can easily take it inside so you don’t need to secure it outdoors. You can charge it at any power source, and it comes with a dedicated charger, similar to a laptop charger. Even though you can use the scooter as it is, there are several accessories that can make your life easier and safer. Most of these accessories are very affordable and you can find them at our authorized dealer shops. There are also some safety accessories that you should consider which you can find at any bike or scooter shop. So, without further ado, here are the must-have electric scooter accessories.

1. The helmet

In most parts of the world, electric scooter users are not required to wear a helmet. The laws differ from country to country, but safety is not a matter of law. When you travel faster than walking, there is always the risk of injury, no matter how fast or slow you travel. As such, you need a quality helmet. There is a wide range of models to choose from. While safety is the main concern, there are also some convenience features that you should consider. For example, if you live in an area with warm weather, make sure to choose a helmet with good ventilation. A visor can also make your life a lot easier, as it will protect your eyes from wind and insects. There are also some helmets with reflective stops on the back. Modern helmets can even come with turn levers which you can mount on the scooter’s handles. These helmets have a led display on their backs showing your change of direction.

2. A carrying handle

An e-scooter as lightweight as the E-TWOW scooter can be carried without a handle. You just have to pick it up by the handlebar, just above the controller. However, a carrying handle can make the carrying process a lot more comfortable. It makes it easier to pick up the scooter and it takes some of the pressure from your hand, as it distributes the scooter’s weight evenly. It is very affordable and very easy to install. You simply fit it on the handlebar using its two straps. Most authorized dealers sell a carrying handle specifically designed for the E-TWOW scooter.

3. A charger bag

If you travel long distances and you have to charge your scooter several times a day, it makes sense to travel with a charger. In our authorized dealer shops you will find a dedicated charger bag for the E-TWOW scooter. The charger bag can easily be fitted on the handlebar using the two adjustable straps. It is similar to the carrying handle, but it has a small bag attached.

4. A phone holder

If you live in a big city and you need to frequently use your phone for GPS guiding, it makes sense to invest in a phone holder. This way, you won’t have to stop all the time to check the map. In our authorized dealer shop you will find an adjustable phone holder which can easily be mounted on the electric scooter’s handles. The phone holder has an adjustable design so that it can fit any phone.

5. A good locker

As we already mentioned, the E-TWOW scooter is very lightweight. In most situations, you simply carry the scooter inside when you reach your destination. However, there are some situations when you may need to leave the scooter outdoors. This usually happens when you have to do tasks around town, like do some light shopping or go to the bank. If you need to secure your scooter for a few minutes, we recommend a fingerprint sensor locker. In our shops, you can find a fingerprint sensor locker made of durable steel cable. The device is waterproof and can store as many as 20 fingerprints. It also uses very little energy, so it can unlock more than 3000 times on a single charge.

6. Reflective gear

The main challenge of e-scooters in traffic is visibility. The more compact a scooter is, the less visible it will be. The riding position is also misleading, as it can confuse a driver into thinking that the user is a pedestrian, especially if they are not wearing a helmet. To be visible as a traffic participant, it is essential to wear some reflective gear. We recommend using a reflective vest. If your budget allows it, invest in a vest with digital turn signals. The vest is mandatory at night, but we recommend using it at all times, to be as visible as possible in traffic. You can also consider a reflective backpack or a backpack with digital turn signals. You can also put reflective stickers on the scooter. However, those will only be visible from the front. For optimal visibility, you must make your back as visible as possible.

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